West Coast Vacation

Spending the last week and a half on  the west coast has been amazing.  I have been in three different states, enjoyed lots of beautiful nature, and spent some wonderful time with my parents and little sister.  I know that I won’t get many more opportunities like this with my upcoming graduation and such.  I am going to post a longer post later with what I have been doing on the west coast and include some pictures, but here are a few snippets of what has been going on.

horse back riding

beach combing

and much much.



I am missing out on our leadership team planning retreat this weekend and I was asked to skype in and talk to them about community and what it means etc.  Here is what I am going to talk to them about.  I learned a lot about community this summer and even though I am not an expert, it means a lot to me and I am praying that it is something that our BCM can strive for this year.

This summer was full of true community for me. I was surrounded by people who wanted to know me and wanted to grow with me and I felt the same about them. We lived together, served our God together, and just did life with one another. It was not always easy but it was rewarding to work through the difficult time, work past differences and be there for one another.

I wrote this entry in my journal when I was really struggling with what community was supposed to look:

“I am scared of relationships, of getting in too deep and then having to leave these people. Lord help me. Help me be transparent and open to community. I want to surrender and not fight. ”

God taught me that you have to know stories and build relationships to have community and I was a part of it all summer. It is easy to look at people and not get to know them because you aren’t going to see them past this week or this month or this semester, but in order to gain community you have to move past time and build relationships.

I have been reading through Job and in the beginning when he is being tested and going through some rough times his “friends” are only there to judge him and his situation. They don’t have a deep relationship and without knowing anything they are condemning him. They don’t see that Job is suffering because he is a righteous man. It was hard for Job to suffer without community.

Jesus was the prime example of what it meant to have community. He surrounded himself with a group of people who lived, served, prayed and went through life together. It wasn’t always easy for them, but that is what made it better.

In John 13 Jesus washes the feet of his disciples. He shows us and them that even the Savior was not above the people. The community is cleansed. We need to see that no one person on leadership is above another. We are all apart of a body and bring different things to the table, but we are to encourage and love one another. Together we can reach this campus and world for Christ, apart we are going to fail. It doesn’t matter if you are a senior or a freshman, president or just someone who helps out, we are all one community and we need to make an effort to get to know one another and to not just let people slide through.

My challenge for this leadership team is to build community among ourselves and then out to our BCM and our campus. It starts with us though.

where I am headed

So I thought that I had everything figured out.  I thought that I would be graduating in December, moving to East Asia for 6-12 months, and then coming back and starting grad school and going wherever else God had for me next.  The East Asia thing was a huge deal and I really thought that God was calling me to be there for at least 6 months after I graduated.

As I spent the summer learning and serving and traveling I kept being more reassured about the fact that I was supposed to go.  Towards the end of the summer I started to question if God was calling me to go to to Asia or not.  By the end of my trip and after spending a couple weeks at home, I was shown that God really did want me to be willing to do whatever he called me to do.  It didn’t matter if that was going to East Asia, staying in BG, or moving to Lville or wherever.  So I started to listen to what might be the path God had for me for the upcoming year.  After praying about things I could see that going to Asia is not where I am supposed to be for next semester.

So now I am in the process of applying for grad school at Southern Seminary and am trying to decide if I am going to move to Louisville or if I am going to go to stay in BG and commute/try to take online classes.  So now it is just trying to get things ready for what will happen after December.  I am throwing around options of places to live, possible internships/jobs, and what I will for sure get my Masters in.  Right now my plan is Biblical Counseling, so I am trying to see if that is what God’s plan is.

I am headed in some awesome directions and can’t wait for what the Lord has in store for me.


So this past week I moved into the BCM apartment.  This is my last apartment of college.  It is so weird to be in my last undergrad apartment.  It is even weirder that I moved into the apartment that my good friends lived in before and that now they live in Honduras.  It is exciting that I have three new roommates and they are super fun!  It is going to be an awesome semester living with them and at the BCM apartment.

Pictures are to come from the apartment soon.

new car

Everything is falling in place with my car.  Yay!  I have the loan approved and have to go over and sign the papers in about 30 minutes, the insurance is bought, the dealer is working on the title, and I am going over to pick it up this afternoon!   I am excited.

I bought a 2006 White Nissan Sentra.  I love it!  Pictures will come soon!