My First Week

So I have officially finished my first week of working 30 hours a week and being a full time Seminary student.  It wasn’t that bad, but so far I don’t have a ton of homework and papers, so that might change.  It has been difficult because I don’t really know anyone, but I have made several friends and one is even coming over tonight for dinner and to study.  I am excited.

I am taking Greek, Systematic Theology, and Christian Philosophy.  So far I like all my classes.  Greek is going to be my hardest and most time consuming, but I love the challenge and I love learning languages!
I also had a great week with the kiddos, they are so much fun to be around, even though there are times when I get very frustrated with them.  I think I am experiencing part of what parenting is going to be like.
I am loving living in Louisville over all.  Especially now that I am meeting more people and have more to do than just sit around and play with my dog.
Well that is a very short and brief update on what my week was like.  Now  I am off to do more Greek.

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