These are my favorite things

I was inspired to write about some of my favorite things.  Here are the categories I am going to write about today, Places in Louisville & iPhone Apps.

These are my favorite things: Louisville Locations

1. Westport Village – My absolute favorite place to study plus it contains tons of fun shops, one of my favorite coffee shops, Heine Bros, a great ice cream place, and lots of restaurants.

2. Barnes & Noble in the Summit – Great place to study and take the kids to play with the trains.

3. Starbucks at Taylorsville & Hurstborne – Another great place to study

4. Urban Active – My gym that I thoroughly enjoy going to!

5. Hobby Lobby – I don’t really think I have to explain any more than this.

6. My House – The best place to get comfortable, curl up with a book, movie, or my homework.  Plus it is in a great neighborhood and also houses my dog!


These are my favorite things: iPhone Apps

1. Facebook: Enough said really

2. Twitter: I love keeping up with friends, favorite authors, and many other people.

3. Words With Friends: I love playing scrabble!!!

4. Maps: Living in a new city this has been one of the most helpful tools I have.

5. Score Center: Keeping up with my sports teams is a must!

6. Greek Croy: My way to study for my Greek class.

7. Around Me: A great way to find places to eat, study at, and other random things to do/places to go.

8. PNC Mobile: Banking from my phone! Great way to keep up with my account!


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