Nobody’s Going To …


1. Any of the Brewster Family

2. Playing EKU in football

3. The Bracken’s

4. Sabrina

5. Manna Meal

6. Powersource

7. Prayer Room

8. No Ping Pong Tables

9. Melissa

10. other people that meant a lot to me and my friends

11. No International Cluster

12. Single Tommy

13. Not have stakes in the yard

14. Not having Execs


And the list goes on.


These are just a few of the items that Sara, Adam, Hannah and I came up with while reminiscing about our time at the BCM at WKU.  IT is crazy how in 4-5 years so many things can change.  The fact that the freshman, some of the sophomores and anyone starting next year won’t remember these things is crazy to those of us who were around BCM these past few years.


I just thought I would reminisce a little more here today.


One thought on “Nobody’s Going To …

  1. its weird i know, but something you will realize as college and phases of life pass by. there will be whole chunks of your life that others have no clue about bc it has come and gone. but just savor the memories and look forward to the future.

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