101 Things in 1001 Days

So a couple years ago I started doing 101 things in 1001 days, but failed miserably.  So I am going to start over starting tomorrow.   I have made a new list of things I want to do and am going to try my hardest to complete this list. So, here it is…

Day 1 – April 20, 2011

Day 1001 – January 15, 2014

1. Make Bagels

2. Read the bible all the way through

3. Go on a road trip

4. Don’t use a computer for a week

5. Blog everyday for two weeks

6. Stay off Facebook for two weeks

7. Write a letter to my future husband every week for 4 months

8. Make fried chicken

9. Grow my own herbs

10. Make a scrapbook for my sister

11. Learn to play guitar

12. Stargaze in a field

13. Go to a “warm” beach

14. Go to Disney

15. Finish Paying off my car

16. Do 100 hours of volunteer work

17. Go see a musical

18. Pay for someone behind me in a drive thru

19. Buy my parents dinner

20. Get a jar and put all my change in it for 365 days

21. Go camping

22. Go ice skating

23. Go to a midnight movie showing

24. Make tie dye shirts

25. Visit North Carolina

26. Bake a cake from scratch

27. Make a calendar with pictures

28. Go without jewelry for a week

29. Dye my hair red again

30. Have a picnic lunch

31. Go to a concert

32. Keep a journal and write in it every day for a month

33. Color an entire coloring book

34. Give up soda for a year

35. Don’t eat sweets for a month

36. Move out on my own

37. Write a different friend a note everyday for a month

38. Carve a pumpkin

39. Listen to a different podcast everyday for a week

40. Share my testimony and faith with 5 people

41. Grow my hair out

42. Lose 30 pounds

43. Go on a mission trip

44. Cook a dinner for friends

45. Take individual pictures of all of my friends and make a friend collage

46. Go on a boat

47. Go white water rafting

48. Paint a decoration for my room

49. Take my sister out for lunch

50. Make an encouragement wall and write something new every day and keep it up for at least 2 months

51. Take a new picture every day for 365 days

52. Leave encouraging notes for a friend every day for a week

53. Watch all the Aladdin movies

54. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon

55. Take my dog on a walk

56. Buy a new camera

57. Go to a wedding

58. Read 5 books in a month

59. Mentor someone

60. Go on a police ride along

61. Eat something new

62. Learn to speak a new language

63. Go shopping with my mom

64. Run a 5K

65. Get a pedicure

66. Go skiing

67. Go horseback riding

68. Bake desserts for some group

69. Take a walk around downtown Bardstown just for fun

70. Go to the Washington Monument

71. Take a friend out to dinner

72. Read the entire Narnia series

73. Get a manicure

74. Paint my nails black

75. Play UNO

76. Go to a basketball game

77. Go to a football game

78. Buy a pair of TOMS

79. Get some Chacos

80. Visit Nashville

81. Make a milkshake

82. Bake bread

83. Don’t send a single text for a whole day (and being somewhere without cell service doesn’t count)

84. Don’t set an alarm and sleep until I just wake up

85. Put flowers on someone’s grave

86. Ride a roller coaster

87. Go to a horse race

88. Learn how to edit photos

89. Go to Holiday World

90. Go to a drive in movie

91. Dress up every day for a week

92. Go swimming

93. Spend the night with a friend

94. Send a package to my friends overseas

95. Go consignment shopping

96. Buy a DVD

97. Read a Classic book.

98. Memorize a new bible verse every month for 1001 days

99. Give flowers to a friend

100. Watch a season of a new show

101. Take a cake decorating class


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