Spring Break

(beware – this is the first post in several to catch up on the blog slacking I have done recently)

Spring Break 2011, aka. Spring Reading Days, were full of several different activities and trips.  I took full advantage of having a week off from school and work, probably more  than I should have considering I had a huge paper due a week after break was over, but it was a much needed break no less.  So what exactly did I do?

The first weekend of break I went to Cedarmore with Lizzi Beth and the girls to KY BCM LTC.  I watched Caroline and Addison so that L-B didn’t have to worry about them on top of everything else that she was doing that weekend for the conference.  On top of watching two of my favorite little girls I got to surprise some friends from WKU who were coming to the conference.  It was so fun to see friends that I hadn’t seen in three months.  I love spending time with C & A as well as college students from across the state and this was a fun free getaway to start my break off right.

Sunday after LTC, I came home, unpacked, repacked, went to Life Group and to help with the youth group and then drove to my parents house for a couple days.  Here I got to spend time with my family and pick up my baby (Baylie – my dog) whom they had been keeping for me while I was at LTC.  I stayed at mom and dad’s until Tuesday and then I headed back to the ‘Ville to do another, unpack and repack for my trip to BG which was the big plans that I had for my break.  I stayed around the ‘Ville on Wednesday and on Thursday morning I packed up my car with all of my stuff and Baylie’s and off me and my baby headed, down south for some fun in the sun with come awesome friends.

In BG I had lots of fun and random things to do.  I started off hanging out in the square with Aly, then went to $ lunch at the BCM.  Lunch that day was outside and it was a glorious day to enjoy God’s creation.  After lunch I went to spend time with Lauren until Heather got off work.  After Heather got off work we went out to dinner and Stakz (fro yo) with Molly and then went back to Heather’s apartment to hang out and go to bed.  Heather had to go to work the next morning, so I slept in a little and then went to visit some friends and hang out for the day.  Lunch on Friday was spent at the park with Heather, Molly (& her dog Maggie), Brittany, the boys Heather nannies for, and Brittany’s cousin.  We had a blast hanging out, eating, and watching the boys.  After the park we went to Stakz for more fro yo. Yum!!  Friday night I hung out with some awesome people, Sara, Kalli, & Sandra among others at the park, driving around and ending up at another park for several hours. Saturday, I got up and went to lunch with Amber and then to hang out with the Gathrights (the family I babysat for) and go to thier son’s birthday party.  I can’t believe that Reid is 2!  When I started watching their boys, Reid was only 9 months, and just a month or so later they found out they were pregnant with twins.  Now the girls are 7 months old, Reid is 2 and Caleb is almost 4.  I miss these kiddos so much and if I could I would hang out with them all the time (too bad they live 2+ hours away).  Saturday night brought dinner and a movie at Heather’s with her and Molly.  Sunday brought worship with my LHBC family, coffee dates with Emily and Katie, and Spring Sing.  Sadly, Monday brought a 2 hour drive home, a shift at work, and an end to an awesome and relaxing week.

I had so much fun just relaxing and hanging out with people over Spring Break and am so glad that I got to see so many of my wonderful friends.  Well, that’s the end of my narrative, that no one probably even cares to read about, about Spring Break.

Here are some pictures from the week


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