4 Years of Memories

So as my friends graduate from college and begin to move all across the globe I start to think of all of the fun that has been packed into the last 4 years.  4 years ago I started college, a year early, but it was an experience that changed my life.  That year I formed friends who I know I will keep up with for many more years.  The next 2 years brought more friends, involvement in new areas and continued growth with the friends.  Last summer I gained a bond with a group of people that mean so much to me!  It’s crazy that in just 2 weeks it will have been a year since I met some of those people.  This past year meant graduation, moving, a master’s program, a new church, and new friends for me as well as growth and friendship with those I already knew.   It has been a crazy 4 years and there is no way to describe it, but here are some pictures that can begin to tell the story…


It’s already here!!

As hard as it is for me to believe it, my first semester of seminary is over! My summer break has started! I celebrated the end of the semester after my final earlier tonight with a frozen strawberry lemonade and a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy. In a few minutes when Grey’s is over I will be heading to bed since tomorrow I am working all day. Way to start break with a bang right? Hopefully more blogging soon. For now it’s good night!

Mother’s Day 2011

First off I want to wish Cindy Kaye a Happy Mother’s Day!!  I couldn’t have made it through these 21 1/2 years without her at my side, supporting me, discipling me, cooking for me, and teaching me.  I love her so much and am excited to spend tomorrow with her, my dad, and sister.

Mother’s Day always bring about happiness and joy of the time I have spent with my mom, but also make me reflect and think about my birth mother whom I have never met.  On this day I celebrate her too, because even though I don’t know her name or what she look like, I know that she made a sacrifice all those years ago, to give me up.  I don’t know what that decision meant to her, or how that made her feel, but I know how it makes me feel now.  I feel thankful and glad that she chose life for me.

I don’t know what she feels on Mother’s day, my birthday, Christmas, and other holidays, butI know that she always has a place in my heart on those days and I think about her and pray for her daily, just as I do my mom.

So Happy Mother’s Day to both my mom’s.  The one that I have lived life with all these years and the one who gave me life.