Mother’s Day 2011

First off I want to wish Cindy Kaye a Happy Mother’s Day!!  I couldn’t have made it through these 21 1/2 years without her at my side, supporting me, discipling me, cooking for me, and teaching me.  I love her so much and am excited to spend tomorrow with her, my dad, and sister.

Mother’s Day always bring about happiness and joy of the time I have spent with my mom, but also make me reflect and think about my birth mother whom I have never met.  On this day I celebrate her too, because even though I don’t know her name or what she look like, I know that she made a sacrifice all those years ago, to give me up.  I don’t know what that decision meant to her, or how that made her feel, but I know how it makes me feel now.  I feel thankful and glad that she chose life for me.

I don’t know what she feels on Mother’s day, my birthday, Christmas, and other holidays, butI know that she always has a place in my heart on those days and I think about her and pray for her daily, just as I do my mom.

So Happy Mother’s Day to both my mom’s.  The one that I have lived life with all these years and the one who gave me life.


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