4 Years of Memories

So as my friends graduate from college and begin to move all across the globe I start to think of all of the fun that has been packed into the last 4 years.  4 years ago I started college, a year early, but it was an experience that changed my life.  That year I formed friends who I know I will keep up with for many more years.  The next 2 years brought more friends, involvement in new areas and continued growth with the friends.  Last summer I gained a bond with a group of people that mean so much to me!  It’s crazy that in just 2 weeks it will have been a year since I met some of those people.  This past year meant graduation, moving, a master’s program, a new church, and new friends for me as well as growth and friendship with those I already knew.   It has been a crazy 4 years and there is no way to describe it, but here are some pictures that can begin to tell the story…


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