Professional Mover

So I have decided that I should go into the professional moving/packing business!  I have moved/lived in 3 cities and 5 different apartments/houses in the last year!  CRAZY right?! yeah.  All of that on top of traveling last summer to several different places in KY and in Haiti.  If you count those places my total of different places that I slept at in the last year is 8!!

Needless to say that I was excited when I moved to Louisville after college, because I thought that I was finally going to stay somewhere for more than a year! Well, this is no longer true and I will be moving to my 4th city and 6th apartment/house in just a matter of about 7-8 weeks. Really?! Oh well, at least by this point I know how to get everything I need to fit into my small car.  If anyone needs help packing or moving, let me know, I seem to be getting really good at this whole moving thing!


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