Am I really?

Am I really a college graduate?
Am I really taking classes to get my master’s?
Am I really about to have a real job?
Am I really moving to a brand new place for a job and not for school?
Am I really a dog owner?
Am I really a car owner?
Am I really on my way to paying off all of my own debt on my own?’

These questions are just a few of the ones swimming around in my mind.  Especially when so many days I feel like I should still be in high school, playing sports, marching in band, being involved in every organization possible, with no real care in the world, and no responsibility outside of finishing homework and memorizing my music.  These questions come more when I am with my friends, many who are older than me, many who seem to have life way more together than I do.  They also have been popping up more as I have taken a job that I don’t always feel 100% capable of doing.  Anyway, that is my ramblings about what is going on in this crazy mind of mine.


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