This is the beginning of what I hope becomes many posts on cooking, baking, and recipes.

Here are two smoothie recipes that I love and created on my own.

Banana, Strawberry, Orange Smoothie

I love smoothies and wanted to create one that was healthy and lower in calories than something you can buy at Panera or you can make out of a package from the store.  So this is my attempt.  Try it out and feel free to let me know what you think.

3/4 cup of ice
1 small banana (cut in slices)
1 cup fresh strawberries (approx 7-8 medium sized cut in half)
3/4 cup orange juice
6 oz of vanilla yogurt

Blend ice, banana, and strawberries in a blender until smooth.
Add orange juice and yogurt to mixture and blend together.
Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy.

Makes 3 servings, of approximately 8 oz.

[I use Kroger Calcium Orange Juice and Kroger Lite Vanilla Yogurt]

PB&J Smoothie

Don’t let the title fool you, there is actually no jelly or bread in this smoothie, but it does taste a lot like a PB&J.  This smoothie was inspired by my friend Ellen from work.  She asked me one day to make her a PB&J smoothie and I looked at her with a very confused look.  She explained that if you took our strawberry smoothie puree and added peanut butter it tasted like a PB&J. I made it for her, but was very skeptical until I actually tried it for myself a few weeks later.  It was amazing!  But I am on kind of a health kick and thought I would try to make something similar at home.  Here is my healthier attempt at a PB&J smoothie.

-8 medium fresh Strawberries
-1-6 oz container of lite vanilla yogurt
-3 Tbsp of Peanut Butter
-Spash of apple juice

-Remove tops of strawberries and cut into fourths and add to blender
-Blend with a splash of apple juice until it creates a smooth liquid
-Add in yogurt and peanut butter and blend for about 30 seconds (make sure you scrape down sides if peanut butter has become stuck to them)
-Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy.

Best if chilled before enjoying.

Yields approximately 2-7 oz servings


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