Ten Years

I was in middle school going about the day just like any other student when news of a world changing event came across our desks. We came back from P.E. only to find a couple of the schools staff in our classroom with the tv on. The images on that screen displayed horrors that I never could have imagined would be true.
We sat down at our desks and our teacher explained that a plane had just flown into one of the towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Within minutes of her telling us, we watched live as another plane flew into the other tower.
Shock on our faces, tears in our eyes, and a feeling of unbelief in our minds we had no clue how to take the news.  At first I was like oh no! while at the same time thinking this doesn’t really pertain to me. I had never been to NYC and didn’t know what the twin towers were beyond a recognizable shape in the city’s skyline.  Soon that feeling of it doesn’t affect me changed and I began to realize how much of an impact what had just happened with two planes and two towers had on me and my life.
That day at school no work was accomplished. We watched the news all day as the events of September 11, 2001 played on the screens of our classroom televisions.
Now here i sit, ten years later, no longer in school, with a job, and students of my own reminiscing about what happened on that tragic day and still unable to put the feelings I had that day clearly into words.
I pray for all those who lost someone in the attacks and who gave their lives to help save others. I praise the lord for the first responders, the police, firefighters, emts, and others who worked hard in NYC that day and for our military who are still protecting our nation to the best of their abilities in many different roles and places across the world.
I wrote this post on Sept 11 on my phone, but haven’t gotten to post it until now.

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