Getting Older

Well, I am officially another year older. Not that it really makes me feel any different than I did.

I spent my birthday weekend at home with my family.

Friday night, my mom and I went to a football game at my high school to watch the band perform at half-time, which was a lot of fun.  I miss my band days, but I am also glad to not be in high school anymore.

Saturday, mom, Carol and I went to the Arts and Crafts Fair for a bit and then mom and I headed to her church to work at their annual turkey supper.  It was crazy, but a lot of fun, not to mention lots of yummy food!

Sunday, my actual birthday, I went back to the Arts and Crafts Fair and spent time with my cousins, Holly, Britini, & Carolyn.  We had lots of fun and enjoyed the time together.  Not to mention some yummy white chili!  After hanging out with my cousins, I drove back to Berea to celebrate my birthday with my family there.  They made me dinner and cake.  It was lots of fun!

All in all it was a great birthday and I really enjoyed getting to spend it with so many different people.


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