30 Day Challenge – Thanksgiving

I am so excited about this post!  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and one of the most cherished times that I spend with my family.  Today I am going to tell you about the traditional Thanksgiving menu for my family. Yum yum!  Just thinking about it makes me super excited for what is to come in just a couple weeks!



Dressing Balls – regular & oyster

Aunt Jackie’s Rolls

Flat Bread Sticks


Mashed Potatoes

Grandma Betty’s Dumplins

Aunt Betty’s Green Beans

Uncle Paul’s Candy Apple Salad

My mom’s Seven Layer Salad

Shirley’s Cranberry Salad

Cousin Carolyn’s Pimento Cheese

Lots of random appetizer foods

Aunt Rochelle’s Pumpkin Pie


Rice Krispie Treats

lots of other desserts


These are the items that we always have and we usually have a lot of other food also. We typically feed more than 50 people at Thanksgiving and it it always a ton of fun!!


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