30 Day Challenge – Inspire

Inspiring People in my Life.

1. My birthmother: She inspires me because she made the choice to give me up for adoption rather than have an abortion, which so many people think is the “easy” decision to make.

2. My parents: Despite everything they have been through in their lives they have stayed strong and have been supportive of me and my sister.  I love them so much and know and feel their love for me everyday.

3. Jon & Elaina: They have been great mentors and leaders for me during the past few months of my life.  I love that they are so focused on the Lord and serving Him that they are willing to answer His call on their live, wherever that may lead them.

4. Tabatha: I live with her right now and she inspires me and challenges my faith daily.  She has had a rough life, but she is trying to turn it around, get help, and is working hard to follow hard after Christ.  Her dedication to scripture inspires me.  I love her so much and can’t wait to see how the Lord grows her.

5. Travis & Christie: Their dedication to serving the Lord by helping people never ceases to amazing me.  They have provided me with a place to live and a place to minister to others.  The have been faithful to the calling the Lord placed on their lives.  I never could have imagined letting people come in and out of my home, until I met them.


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