30 Day Challenge – Jobs

My favorite job so fare and my dream job.

So far in my 22 years of life I have worked as:

-a babysitter/nanny

-testing proctor/consultant


-bridal consultant

-cashier & barista at Panera

-campus minister for a BCM

-youth ministry intern

It is hard to choose a favorite one out of all of these jobs.  They have all had ups and downs.  If I had to choose my favorite, I think it would be bridal consultant.  I got to work with many couples who were planning their wedding.  I helped brides pick out wedding dresses and colors as well as brides maids dresses.  I also helped pick out and fit tuxes on the men of the wedding parties.  I prepared linens, flowers, and other wedding essentials.  I loved being able to help people and be a part of making their big day special and all that it should be.

In the future my dream job would be to work with children and teens who need to be placed in adoptive homes as well as working with couples who are in the process of becoming foster and adoptive parents.  I want to help every orphan have a family.


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