soon soon soon

My life is busy busy busy!  I am getting ready to move, working at PB a lot, getting ready for HOBY, and so much more.  I love where I am at, but I am excited for where I am going next.  I am hoping to find a place to live in the near future, since my new job starts on June 7.

KY HOBY is just weeks away and I am so excited.  This year I took on a new role as the Director of Recruitment and Ambassador Relations and I am loving it.  I get to be my organizational self while working with parents and ambassadors long before they ever make it to the seminar and with school counselors who are trying to get their students to attend.  I love this position and what it is allowing me to do.  I can’t wait for May 31 to get here so I can meet some of these awesome students.  If you want to know more about KY HOBY you can check out our website at for more details.

MOVING date is coming up soon and even though I have no clue where I am going to live, I am so excited.  I have loved being in Berea this past year, but I can’t wait to see what the Lord has for me in Louisville.  I am transferring to a different PB store and looks like I might be getting a promotion too!  I am going to live with my parents for a few weeks while I figure everything out with where to live, but after KY HOBY I will be in L’ville full time.  I am excited to be back at SCC and working with the youth and can’t wait to see what is going to happen at PB.  Please pray for me in this transition.