Progress on my 2013 Bucket List

I made a bucket list for 2013 and so far it looks like I am on track for finishing it all! The only thing that might keep me from finishing is reading books that don’t have anything to do with school – it is hard to read for fun when I have so many school books!  


2013 Bucket List

-Finish 6 Master’s Classes (Five finished & one to go!)

-Go to a MLB game (Went to a Reds game with Amy!)

-Visit a new state (Headed to Virginia for the first time next week!)

-Bake a cake for someone (made Amy a birthday cake!)

-Go to see a musical

-Gain a promotion at my job (Became a manager at PB & now might have another promotion soon!)

-Read 12 books that don’t have to deal with school  (3 down & 9 to go!)

-Go on a coffee date with a different friend each month (8 months success, only 4 to go!)

-Eat something entirely new (Ate lots of new things while in Ukraine!)


Fusion & HOBY

A new school calendar year has begun and that means a new year of serving with SCC Fusion and a new HOBY KY year!!  I am excited for what the LORD has planned for both of these groups that I am serving with!

I have a great group of girls in my Life Group at SCC and I can’t wait to see how the Lord is going to use them this year!  I love these girls so much! I love getting to serve them and serve with them.  I am excited that they desire to know the Lord more each year.  They decided that their goal this year are to serve more as a group out in the community.  The also want to study Ruth & Colossians together this year!  I look forward to seeing how we grow together as a group and as Sisters in Christ this year!

Not only do I have a great group of girls in my Life Group, but I have a wonderful staff of volunteers working with me at HOBY KY!  I can’t wait to see how our program grows and develops this year!! As I was working on getting an agenda together for our meeting in a couple weeks I became even more excited for our 2014 seminar!  I have a talented staff and they truly make the seminar run!  I am blessed to get to serve as the LSC at KY this year & know that some great things will be accomplished through our Ambassadors.

Even though this is going to be a very busy year for me with SCC Fusion, HOBY KY, full time classes at Liberty and a full time job (with possible promotion), I couldn’t be more excited for what the Lord has in store and how He is going to use me this year!