Thankfully November 30

The last day of November has come and a month has gone by way too fast!
Here are a couple of things that I am thankful for to wrap up the month.

Crafts! I love crafty, doesn’t matter if it is a needle and thread in my hands, paint and a paintbrush or something else, if I am crafting, I am having fun.

Amanda and her love for movies. I have seen more movies in the last month than I saw all of last year because of her movie obsession. This months picks were Interstellar, Mockingjay Part 1, & Maze Runner.

Christmas Decorations! So thankful for the Christmas season and the joy it brings! I am incredibly blessed to be able to decorate my little home for the holidays! As I sit here I am basking in the light of my tree, admiring the beauty of my mantle and listening to the relaxed snores of my pugs. Love love love the Christmas season & love the reason for the season!



While this is the end of my Thankfully November season, I am looking forward to blogging more in the coming weeks and months!

Thankfully yours,
Kelsey Diane


Thankfully November 27 – 28 – 29

So so much to be thankful for! I can’t even describe how thankful I am this week. With a few days off from work and time with my amazingly large family, the thankfulness is overflowing.

I am thankful for time off from work and not having to work the holidays any more. After four years of working in the restaurant world and only having Thanksgiving day and Christmas day off, I am beyond thankful that I don’t have to work Black Friday, Christmas Eve, New Year’s or any other holiday. It is one major perk to working in the school system now!

I am thankful for adoption. My life looks way different than it could have because of adoption. Because my birth mother sacrificially gave me up for adoption, I have been blessed by the amazing family who chose to adopt me.

I am thankful for the families that have let me pour into their kiddos over the last seven years. I have loved getting to pour into the lives of their kiddos and them. These families have become some of my best friends and I can’t imagine my life without them or their sweet little ones!


So so much to be thankful for, I could make post every days for a year an not run out of things that I am thankful for!  I lead a blessed life for sure!!


Thankfully yours,

Kelsey Diane

Thankfully November 25 & 26

Today I am thankful for time at home and quality time with my parents!
Yesterday at the end of two crazy work days, I packed up the Pugs and drove to my parents for the Thanksgiving holiday.
I spent a relaxing evening at my parents house, enjoying time crafting, listening to my current Nora Roberts audiobook and sipping a bottle of champagne.
Today I had some quality time driving and shopping with my mom & watching the news while enjoying some popcorn with my dad!
I love me some family time (usually 😉)!!!

Thankfully yours,
Kelsey Diane

P.S. Don’t forget to enjoy some yummy food and great conversation with family & friends tomorrow!!!

Thankfully November 24

So this may seem a little crazy or unconventional when it comes to things to be thankful for, but today I am thankful for Pinterest! I was able to use Pinterest to pick out some delicious (hopefully) recipes to try out on my family while I am home for Thanksgiving vacation this week. Mom said that I had to cook dinner one night, and instead of doing one of my go to meals, I decided to do something new!

One the menu…
-Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders
-Ranch Mashed Potatoes
-Green Beans

I will let everyone know how things turn out!!
I love to cook and Pinterest fuels my love for cooking even more!

So today, I am unashamedly thankful for Pinterest!

Thankfully yours,
Kelsey Diane

Thankfully November 23

Today I am thankful that I have a story! A story of redemption and salvation! One that has ups and downs, times of sadness, happiness and hardship. I am thankful for the love that I have been shown in Christ and for a church family that points me towards sharing my story to point others to the gospel!!
While there have been times when I wanted a different life, I know that God has used every experience to grow me and bring me closer to Him and His love!!

Thankful for my story!

Thankfully yours,
Kelsey Diane

Thankfully November 19-22

So sometimes life gets in the way of writing and blogging.  The last few days have been busy and fun and my desire to write has often been overcome with the deeper desire to sleep before the next busy day.  So here I sit on a relaxing Sunday morning with my omelet, coffee and audio book playing, working on the blog I have neglected for the last four days.  So here are the five things I am thankful for today…

Thankfully November 19

I continue to be thankful for my church and my opportunity to serve with SI.  Even though things are rough at QCC right now and lots of changes are happening, I am thankful that God has given me a great team to serve with and a church family who continues to move on with a passion for seeing lives come to know true salvation.

Thankfully November 20

Thankful today for movies and the opportunity to go see Mockingly at its premier with some new friends.  Had a blast getting to hang out with them and see a movie based on one of my favorite books.


Thankfully November 21

I know I have already written a short post on how much I love the Brockman family, but I could write about how much I love them every day for the month and not get tired of it.  On Friday I got to spend some amazing time with their kiddos, baking cookies and laughing with them.  I love getting to pour into these kids and can’t imagine not having them in my life.  I have known their daughter almost since she was born and have been around for all of their sons life!


Thankfully November 22

Thankful for slow mornings and productive evenings with friends!!  Had a great morning relaxing, cooking and enjoying some time with my pups before heading out to work on a project with Dawn until late evening.

Will be writing more later.  Can’t wait to reveal the project I have been working on soon!! 😀

Thankfully yours,

Kelsey Diane