Thankfully November 1

November… My favorite month of the year!  This month holds my favorite weather, an emphasis on all things pumpkin, and my favorite holiday full of some rich tradition.

This November I also hope to get back into my writing and blogging world and begin to do them regularly.  I am starting with an easy Thankfully November series of things I am thankful for.  Each day will include one or a few of the things I am most thankful for, whether something that happened that day or just general thankfulness worth parts of my life, which are quite numerous!

Today’s Thankfully November Items:

-Finished another class of my M.Ed. putting me one step closer to my degree and granting me a wonderful month and a half of no classwork!

-A wonderfully quiet and reflective drive through the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia.  I-64 and I were great friends today, but it was a great time of renewal and rest.  I got to admire the beautiful fall scenery of Virginia, some peacefully rainy(slightly snowy) West Virginia mountains, and quiet traffic free Kentucky driving.  Not only did I get to see some gorgeous scenery, but I was joined by some words from one of my favorite authors, Nora Roberts, along the way.  (I never thought I would actually enjoy listening to an audiobook, but it is turning into one of my favorite ways to spend time with some authors I love!)

-First Peppermint Mocha of the season.  Normally, this is saved for some day after Thanksgiving, but since I was driving through some snow flurries in West Virginia, it warranted a winter-esque beverage.

-The extra hour of sleep that comes with day light savings time tonight and knowing that it comes after the long day of class and driving home I had and welcomes me into a day full of worshipping my Savior with my new church family and some fun with my new life group!

I think that’s a wrap on Thankfully November for today.  Check back tomorrow for the next edition, hopefully accompanied by some pictures from my gorgeous drive this afternoon!

Thankfully yours,

Kelsey Diane


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