Thankfully November 5

Today’s Thankfully November has to do with something that many of us overlook and do not see as valuable or important.

Today I am thankful for the public library!  I love being able to have a place I can go to find new books, old books, books on tape, do research, use the internet, study, or just relax.  I love that the library is a free resource that anyone can use!  How awesome is that!  While I have overlooked the library much of my life, I am totally embracing it now!

My newest library obsession?  Audio books! Growing up I hated when my mom would listen to books on tape.  Now, I LOVE them!  I listen to them while I drive back and forth to school (both the ones I work at and the one I attend).  Today I picked up 3 audio books to listen to all written by Nora Roberts, my newest author obsession.

Seems simple, but I am so thankful for the library today!

Thankfully yours,

Kelsey Diane


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