Thankfully November 10

Today my Thankfully November post is dedicated to the wonderful education that I have received over the last 25 years.

As I finished up my last grad school assignment of the semester today, I thought back on what had brought me to this place in my educational career.  It’s not only the last 2 years I’ve spent pouring over books and researching at LU.  It wasn’t just the wonderful times I had at WKU or the AMAZING experience of being in the inaugural class of the C.M. Gatton Academy.  I can’t pin it down to one moment of time at WCHS or FES, but the culmination of all of my academic experiences has brought me to this point.

So to all the people and institutions who have helped me get to this place in my educational career, thank you!  I can’t wait to see where the love of learning each person and place has instilled in me, takes me in the future!

Oh and I get to promote my wonderful alma mater of WKU at school tomorrow!  I love sharing my passion for learning and higher education with my students!

Thankfully yours,

Kelsey Diane


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