Thankfully November 16 & 17

So I knew the day would happen when I would miss posting and here we are…  I got home and was really tired last night and went to bed without writing, but I’ll make up for it today!


Thankful for my dad!  Even though things have been challenging for him and our family these past 6 months, I have seen nothing but strength and courage from him.  In August we found out he had pancreatic cancer and today he seems to be doing better than he has in months.  He has made it through major surgery, several hospital stays, feeding tubes, doctors galore and his first round of chemo without major complaining and with a brighter outlook on life than I think I could ever have.  I am so thankful that even in his struggle through cancer, he takes the time out to call me and ask how I am doing and how my job is going.  We may have had our fair share of ups and downs and moments of not seeing eye to eye on things, but he is still my hero, my rock and I couldn’t be more thankful for him!


Today was a long, rough day.  I taught at the day treatment center, in the PASS room (A Positive Alternative to School Suspension) and boy was it not an easy day.  I started with 2 kids and ended with 8, ranging from 7th to 12th grade.  While there were moments when I wanted to not hear what they were saying and how I wished that I could easily change their outlook and opinions, I really just wanted to give them all a hug, tell them it would be okay and encourage them in the love of Christ.

I have come to love teaching, but sitting in a room with kids of all grades who are all troubled and in trouble just watching them do work (if they had it – and even then they didn’t always do it) can be boring.  I am glad that we have a program that allows them to still come to school, even if they aren’t “in school,” but it sure does give me a glimpse at the crazy side of life.

Needless to say my ride home today involved a lot of praying for these kids and hoping that even if just for 8 hours, I was a positive influence in their lives.

Thankfully yours,

Kelsey Diane


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