Thankfully November 19-22

So sometimes life gets in the way of writing and blogging.  The last few days have been busy and fun and my desire to write has often been overcome with the deeper desire to sleep before the next busy day.  So here I sit on a relaxing Sunday morning with my omelet, coffee and audio book playing, working on the blog I have neglected for the last four days.  So here are the five things I am thankful for today…

Thankfully November 19

I continue to be thankful for my church and my opportunity to serve with SI.  Even though things are rough at QCC right now and lots of changes are happening, I am thankful that God has given me a great team to serve with and a church family who continues to move on with a passion for seeing lives come to know true salvation.

Thankfully November 20

Thankful today for movies and the opportunity to go see Mockingly at its premier with some new friends.  Had a blast getting to hang out with them and see a movie based on one of my favorite books.


Thankfully November 21

I know I have already written a short post on how much I love the Brockman family, but I could write about how much I love them every day for the month and not get tired of it.  On Friday I got to spend some amazing time with their kiddos, baking cookies and laughing with them.  I love getting to pour into these kids and can’t imagine not having them in my life.  I have known their daughter almost since she was born and have been around for all of their sons life!


Thankfully November 22

Thankful for slow mornings and productive evenings with friends!!  Had a great morning relaxing, cooking and enjoying some time with my pups before heading out to work on a project with Dawn until late evening.

Will be writing more later.  Can’t wait to reveal the project I have been working on soon!! 😀

Thankfully yours,

Kelsey Diane


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