Thankfully November 30

The last day of November has come and a month has gone by way too fast!
Here are a couple of things that I am thankful for to wrap up the month.

Crafts! I love crafty, doesn’t matter if it is a needle and thread in my hands, paint and a paintbrush or something else, if I am crafting, I am having fun.

Amanda and her love for movies. I have seen more movies in the last month than I saw all of last year because of her movie obsession. This months picks were Interstellar, Mockingjay Part 1, & Maze Runner.

Christmas Decorations! So thankful for the Christmas season and the joy it brings! I am incredibly blessed to be able to decorate my little home for the holidays! As I sit here I am basking in the light of my tree, admiring the beauty of my mantle and listening to the relaxed snores of my pugs. Love love love the Christmas season & love the reason for the season!



While this is the end of my Thankfully November season, I am looking forward to blogging more in the coming weeks and months!

Thankfully yours,
Kelsey Diane


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