2015 – Words, plans, & goals

Yes, I realize that we are 5 days into the new year and I am slightly behind on the new year post of plans and etc. but I have been crazy busy for the last two weeks. With a trip to my parent’s, Christmas, A trip to Virginia for school through New Year’s, a trip back to my parents house for the Barber family Christmas and then a day of family time and homework, I have not spent any time at my home with my pups and have not had time to think much about the new year. Now that I am home and had an afternoon off, here are my thoughts for my 2015.

Word(s) of the year – Faithful & Challenging

I want to remain faithful to the Lord, myself and my commitments this year.
I want to challenge myself to step out of the box and do things that aren’t just the “easy” things to do. I want to challenge myself to follow through on commitments and be the best that I can be.

-Consistent Bible Study, prayer and journaling
-Go to one new place every month (restaurant, state, landmark, etc)
-No soda
-Live a healthier lifestyle
-Write one note every week (email or card)
-Intentionally blog

Well here’s to hoping for a faithful and challenging 2015!

Grace & peace,
Kelsey Diane


One thought on “2015 – Words, plans, & goals

  1. Hey girl! 🙂 Your 2015 goals are similar to mine. I’m reading through the entire Bible this year and I’ve made a commitment to journal every day this year. Also, I’ve eliminated all sweet tea and soda from my drinking habits. Right now the only thing I drink is coffee & water. Cant wait to see how the rest of your year unfolds!

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