About Kelsey Diane


Hi, I’m Kelsey Diane and welcome to Living Life!

Here you can find a myriad of things from cooking adventures, daily life, travels, encouragements, and random ramblings.

Here’s a little bit about me…

  • I’m 25 years old
  • I am a Master’s student working on a M.Ed. in Educational Counseling
  • I received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Religious Studies from Western Kentucky University.
  • I am currently a Nanny, Independent Beachbody Coach, and Math Tutor.
  • I am a mom to two adorable Pugs, Baylie & Baxter!
  • I love to cook and often blog about my cooking adventures, especially now that I am trying to work on clean eating.
  • I love to read! One year I read over 52 books!
  • Travel is one of my passions!  I want to visit every continent!  So far I have North America, Europe, and Asia!
  • I love working with high school and college students!
  • Jesus is the number one love of my life!

Want to know more?  Questions about clean eating?  Want to know about Beachbody? or my travels?  Drop me a comment below!


One thought on “About Kelsey Diane

  1. kevinsuncommon says:

    We go to SCC too. Saw ur tweet. Great sermon today. Thought Id check ur blog. Very cool. Long bucket list, wow. My site has links to all my music, blog and more.



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