Things in my life have really been put into perspective recently.

Not even 10 minutes after I found out about the job I mentioned in the last post, I found out my sister had malignant melanoma on her back. We found out today that it isn’t melanoma, but some type of cells that look and act just like it and could turn into it. That being said we think Carol is out of the danger zone now and that the doctors were able to remove everything. She will have to keep a watch on things though. Praise the Lord that they found it early!

Then today I found out one of the girls I am friends with from college has lymphoma. They have found lumps on her lung and heart. While I don’t know wverything surrounding the situation, I do know that they are talking about chemo sometime soon.

All this to say that we don’t know what tomorrow holds. We aren’t even promised a tomorrow. I often forget that and take what I have for granted, but in the events of the last 5 days I have learned to live each day to the fullest and never take for granted what I have been given.

Praying for my sissy and friend and hoping that everyone can remember to live everyday to its fullest!


Onto the Next Phase

Well, my college days are over and it looks like for now my life as a full time master’s student is also over.

I officially have a job as the BCM intern at Berea College!  I am so excited for the changes that are happening in my life.  I will be the only one on campus at Berea which is nerve wracking and exciting all in one.  On top of working with the students of Berea I will be transferring to the Panera in Richmond.  No longer a full time student, but a full time employee!  I have decided to only take one class next semester, but have also decided that if I need to put my Master’s on hold that I will.  My life is changing, but I am very very excited about it!

Professional Mover

So I have decided that I should go into the professional moving/packing business!  I have moved/lived in 3 cities and 5 different apartments/houses in the last year!  CRAZY right?! yeah.  All of that on top of traveling last summer to several different places in KY and in Haiti.  If you count those places my total of different places that I slept at in the last year is 8!!

Needless to say that I was excited when I moved to Louisville after college, because I thought that I was finally going to stay somewhere for more than a year! Well, this is no longer true and I will be moving to my 4th city and 6th apartment/house in just a matter of about 7-8 weeks. Really?! Oh well, at least by this point I know how to get everything I need to fit into my small car.  If anyone needs help packing or moving, let me know, I seem to be getting really good at this whole moving thing!