It is official!!!!  I have a place to live in Berea.  The family that I am living with has 2 kids and they open their home up to lots of different people, from homeless families, victims of abuse, recovering drug addicts and more.  I am really excited about the opportunity to live with, serve alongside, and get to know this family and the people they have living with them.  On top of the people, they currently have 3 dogs, some of their own and one belonging to one of their residence AND they are letting me bring Baylie with me!!  I am so excited that I can take my sweet girl with me and don’t have to send her off to my parents for the year.

24 days until I can move!!


PTL Part 2

Praise the Lord for he is good in abundance!  I talked to the GM at Panera in Richmond today and he said that it was not a problem for me to transfer there and agreed to give me the 2-3 shifts a week that I requested.  I am so thankful for a God who provides for me!

Personal Growth (in Writing)

I found this on my computer as I was cleaning it out and backing up things.

I wrote this 4 years ago when I was preparing to finish my high school portfolio.  It is about my story of growth with English and writing.  Hope you enjoy, I know it was interesting for me to read again


Personal Growth

Why do people always ask you about your growth over a period of time or after you complete something? It seems like such a monotonous question, but here I am again, answering the question of my growth. This time I am going to report on my growth as a writer over the years of my life. This is something I could go on and on about, because I have gone from the person who dreaded going to school because of spelling and writing, to a person who loves to write everyday. I am going to tell you how I have made the change from pure hatred to adoring love of English and all of its facets.

When I was little I struggled with English. I hated going to school, because I knew that we were going to have to work on spelling and writing. I was not good at them, so I did not want to go. The worst night of the week was Thursday night. This was the night my mom made me sit down and study for my Friday spelling test. I was not a happy camper as I was forced to sit down and practice all of the spelling words for that week. Thursday night would turn into Friday morning when I had to go to school and face the dreaded test. I remember coming home on multiple occasions crying because I had done horribly on my spelling test. This was the story of my life until about third grade.

Around third grade I started to like spelling and writing in school. I went from the student who dreaded spelling, writing, and anything to do with English to the student who loved it with a passion. It seems crazy that I made such a drastic change, but I know that it came from the support and encouragement of my parents and teachers. I also made the change because I started to realize that spelling and writing were important beyond just the Friday tests and simple sentences I started out writing. I began to see that the simple things were the basis of my first love, books.

As I started to make the connection between spelling and books, my attitude changed. English and everything that fell under it were the highlight of my days at school. I still was not a huge fan of writing, but it was growing on me each day. I had to take baby steps to get to the love of writing I posses today. I went on through middle school reading all the time. The love for reading I possessed would take me farther than anything. This love showed me the world outside. It allowed me to view the opportunities of the world around me.

I made another connection from the books I was reading, to a wonderful way of expressing myself. I started to express my thoughts and feelings through writing. This brought me to the person I am today. Now I write in my journal everyday. I spend this time writing to get out my frustrations, to remember my day, or to talk to God. It used to be hard for me to sit down and write a paper for class, but as a result of my growth, I no longer mind writing for my classes. I use the writing required in my classes as a way to tell people how I feel about the issues I am asked to write about.

Writing, it has gone from something I hated to something I make a point of doing everyday. I am so glad that I came to the realization that the facets of English are important and not horrible. I hope that you can see my growth, as a writer, has not come without a struggle. The struggles I have faced have made a wonderful impact on my life, and hopefully the lives of the people who read my writing.


It is crazy to me to see how much my love for writing has grown even since I wrote this piece.  As I went through college, I would choose writing papers over anything else.  Now I love to write and don’t even have to have a reason to pick up a pen and paper or my computer and start writing.  Crazy because I really was the kid who dreaded english and spelling tests in elementary school because I was horrible at spelling.  I am just glad that I have learned to enjoy writing.


Praise the Lord for he is good! I have been provided with a place to live for next year!  I am super excited about the opportunity in front of me and will share more about my living situation as soon as all the details are hammered out.  Thank you for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for me as I transition into this next phase.

What Does This Next Step Mean?

The next leap of faith I am taking in my life is moving to Berea, KY to be the BCM Intern at Berea College.  What that means exactly is something that none of us have quite figured out.  Here is what I do know:

I will be mentoring the BCM President.

I will be in charge of the Monday Night Gathering/Bible Study.

I will be investing in the lives of students at BC and spreading the gospel of Christ to them.

I will be the only paid BCM person on BC’s campus since there is no campus minister there.

I will be meeting with EKU’s Campus Minister and he will be my main contact.

I will be working with the Community Mentor’s who will be working with the students.

There will not be a BCM building for the first time in awhile and this will be a transition not only for me, but for the students.

This is where God wants me and has placed me.  Even though the details are not as clear cut as they are at some other places, the Lord has a plan and will use us to do His will.


In case you couldn’t tell by the many mentions of Berea in my blog recently, I am really excited about this transition.  It will be something totally new for me.  It has already made my faith and reliance in the Lord stronger.

Please pray for housing for me.  There is one possibility, but I need wisdom and discernment on if it is where the Lord wants me.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Getting My Toes Wet Makes Me Wanna Jump In

So today I drove to Berea for the very first time.  I met Kimberly and Jon at Papaleno’s for lunch and a short meeting.  After lunch Kimberly and I toured campus and I was introduced to several students and faculty at the college.  This made me so excited to get going with this ministry and time in Berea.


I got to Berea about an hour before we had set our lunch meeting.  So on my way into town, I stopped at the Kentucky Artisan Center.  Here they showcased different art work, books, food, and other items made by people in Kentucky.  It was so neat to be able to just walk around and see all the awesome artistry.

When I left the Artisan Center I headed into town.  I parked near the restaurant and walked around the block looking in the shops and soaking in what will soon be home.  It has been a beautiful day with temperatures only reaching the mid 80’s and the sun shining bright.  Add that with a quaint and beautiful town and I am in love.  I wish I had a place to stay tonight and just start hanging out and ministering to these students and this community.

I never knew that I could be so excited about moving to a small town, but I am.  I realize that things aren’t going to be like college was in BG or life in Lville now is, but that isn’t a bad thing.  Berea also isn’t the same as Btown and I think that is why I am excited.  I didn’t want to live in another small town after spending time with my parents after I graduated college, but now I think that I could totally adjust.  Part of why I think I am so excited about this move and am totally at peace with it is because I know that this is God’s will for my life right now.  Now I just have to keep trusting in the Lord to provide housing for me and I will be totally set to move.

Moving week is just 4 1/2 weeks away!! 😀

in the near future

There are some exciting and fun things happening in my life during the next couple of months, some of them are firsts, some just fun, and some are big changes.  All them will get posts when they come around, but for now, here is a list of what’s to come…

1st trip to Houston, TX (this is big!)


new job

WKU vs. UK game in Nashville

A Nebraska Wedding (hopefully I can go!)

Some of these might not seem big to you, but I am excited about them all.  Everything is between now and October 1st!